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In the Pallet Report, you will not only learn the latest news from industry, logistics and pallet dealers, but you can also publish your very own logistics news. Inform your customers about your services and products specifically tailored to your target market. On our website Palettenreport.de under Logistics News you have an ideal platform to bring your logistic news sustainable with keywords. You have no PR department or editors who write your logistics news? No problem! Our experienced editors will be pleased to help you - competently, reliably and inexpensively. Talk to us and make your logistics news permanently visible to customers and search engines.

    Publish logistics news
    Written articles to last
    Targeted approach
    Conquer and secure keywords
    Affordable editorial service
    Search Engine Optimized (SEO)
    Backlinks to your homepage
    Keywords that stick
Our service for you
With us you can reach your target market, practically and without losses
Publish as much as you want as long as you have something to tell
With the right keywords, your logistics news is written to last in the internet
Our editors will write your logistics news, if you want.
Your advantages with our editors
Our editors have many years of experience in the B2B environment.
The Paletten Report is THE platform for logistics news and pallet prices in Germany.
Your logistic news will be optimized for the search engines so that you will still be found in years to come.
Our editorial services are also affordable for small forwarders.
You are not one of many. Unique texts for unique achievements.
Name recognition
Public Relations with the Pallet Report helps you convince new clients of your services.
Logistics news rules
Keyword plan
Keyword conquest
Keyword keeping

Manufacturers or pallet dealers want to see their own business grow. The normal way to sell logistics services or pallets is often based on direct sales. But there is an alternative way to attract new customers or business partners. The method is called publishing articles on the Internet. When customers search for products or services, they use keywords or keywords. In order to address the right target group, business leaders should decide on the right keywords. The Keyword Plan forms the basis of an effective strategy to generate more business for your own forwarding or logistics company or pallet manufacturer or pallet dealer. Initially, we recommend selecting 10 keywords in order to subsequently publish articles on the homepage PalettenReport.de via the company or logistics service. It's best to ask for examples of your keyword plan.

If a customer found you because they read your article, then you've captured that keyword. Most likely, your article was effective. The way to do that is to publish multiple articles with keywords within the first four weeks. Who wants to conquer keywords quickly, could start with keywords in two and three formations. These keywords are in combination with the service, location or industry. Transports Steel Poland would be such an example, rather than just start with the keyword transports. Other ideas about keyword conquest are in combination with the corporate directory. In the company directory, pallet suppliers as well as logistics companies can register themselves with keywords. Publishing articles with the reference or backlink to the company directory also helps. We are happy to explain ideas for conquering keywords.

If someone finds your article months or even years later, then you probably backed up the keyword. Keyword security provides an equivalent, if not superior, method of direct sales. Keyword marketing means the customer contacts you. You can significantly reduce your distribution costs by generating new customer inquiries through the Internet without the hassle of salespeople. Your sales team has more time to make an offer. Once you stop publishing articles with keywords on a regular basis, you will lose your place on the internet. Keyword security is partly a matter of philosophy between Internet marketing and cold calling. For example, we as PalettenReport.de have secured the keyword pallet prices on the internet. Do you want to talk about how it works?

Logistics News Prices

S - Package

€ 300,- per publication
  • 1 publication
  • Starter for beginners
  • Backlink to your homepage
  • 3 Keywords included
  • € 525,- Optional We'll write your article
  • One time payment € 300,- via PDF invoice

M - Package

€ 275,- per publication
  • 5 publications
  • € 25 volume discount
  • Backlink to your homepage
  • 3 Keywords included
  • € 500,- Optional We'll write your article
  • One time payment € 1375,- via PDF invoice

XL - Package

negotiable  per publication
  • from 11 publications
  • individual pricing
  • Backlink to your homepage
  • Keyword advice included
  • € 450,- Optional We'll write your article
  • One time payment via PDF invoice
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