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The editors of PALETTEN REPORT collect pallet prices for the preparation of the monthly report for Europallets. We report on the German standard free delivery of goods de-interleaved for new and used Euro pallets of the brand EUR and EPAL. Our analysis of pallet prices is related to real economic data from the commodity market, the transport market and the currency market. The basis is the four-market pallet model by Olaf Oczkos. Olaf Oczkos has co-authored the chapter on pallet prices in the DVZ Palettenhandbuch. Olaf Oczkos is a member of the German Journalists Association.

Olaf Oczkos
Olaf Oczkos graduated in International Business in the USA, the Netherlands, Denmark and Poland with a master's degree in Economics and Management. With his more than seventeen years of professional experience, he analyzes the development of pallet prices on a scientific basis, thereby developing the idea of the pallet price index, the pallet cycle, as well as the four-market pallet model. He is responsible for the further long-term price development in pallet logistics as well as the short-term trends for the Euro pallet. He also develops interactive widgets for pallet prices. He is also a shareholder of PALETTEN REPORT responsible for sales and marketing. Setting up collaborations and affiliate marketing with innovative companies and associations are among his tasks. He is also at any time per E-Mail.

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