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Pallet driver test - smarter know-how in the pallet exchange

The Pallet driver test is the exclusive tool for the knowledge test and the training around the efficient pallet exchange. Many companies give away a lot of money and potential through inappropriate or inefficient pallet exchange. Use our pallet seminar to test and train your drivers, logisticians and warehousemen. The pallet driver test is part of high-quality quality management according to ISO 900X and should be regularly used for the favorable training of new and old employees.

    Sustainable increase in efficiency
    Collecting savings potential
    Assessment of existing knowledge
    Knowledge transfer for new staff
    Suitable for all logisticians
    Suitable for foreign personnel
    Train your warehousers
    Certificate as proof
The pallet training for drivers and warehousers
Quality control
Test und optimize the knowledge of your drivers, logisticians and warehousers for pallet exchange
Realize savings
Check the amount of pallet losses in the exchange behavior of your employees
Certify your employees
Issue a certificate to your staff after passing the exam and use it for quality control
Open acess
Use the multilingual pallet driver test online - via PC, smartphone or tablet
Train your employees to unlock unused potential in pallet exchange.
Integrate efficient pallet exchange into your business model and optmize your profit margin.
Test your domestic and international staff for pallet exchange.
Simple and comfortable
The  browser-based test for office PCs and mobile devices such as smartphones or tables.
Quality management
Certify your successful employees according to ISO9001 with unified pallet testing.
The pallet seminar is suitable for drivers, warehousers and commercial personnel.
Pallet exchange certification
For freight forwarders
For producers
For retail chains

Without the pallet exchange would not be possible in Germany. Freight forwarders with exisiting and new personnel can be certified with the pallet driver test. For every driver and warehouser, executives should check their pallet knowledge. Employees who are unfamiliar with the pallet exchange lose their employer thousands of euros a year. These pallet losses can be quickly, easily and conveniently turned off by means of the online pallet test. We are happy to tell you how your forwarder can generate even more business from this product.

Producers mostly maintain factories and warehouses where the pallet exchange takes place. The examination of the local warehouse staff and driving staff should be the basis for every personnel department. The investment in a knowledge test about the pallet exchange is profitable immediately, if the stopped pallet losses is larger than the price of pallet test. Our customers from the industry can convince themselves with a trial version.

Large retailers do not just have filettes where pallet exchange takes place, but also retail stores (also known as DC). There, the staff can be tested even better with the pallet test. There, at the ramp, pallet loss occurs when suppliers deliver suboptimal pallets. If certified or certified drivers from forwarding companies deliver to the retail chains, the warehouse worker there should also have the knowledge in the pallet exchange.


Classic Package

€ 49,- per pallet test
  • up to 49 pallet tests
  • Starter for beginners
  • 5% immediate discount possible
  • no commitment
  • Full cost control
  • One time payment via PDF invoice

S - Package

€ 44,- per pallet test
  • from 50 pallet tests
  • 10% volumen discount
  • 5% immediate discount possible
  • no commitment
  • Full cost control
  • One time payment via PDF invoice

L - Package

negotiableper pallet test
  • from 200 pallet tests
  • individual prices
  • Free Consulting day for the Pallet Audit
  • no commitment
  • Full cost control
  • One time payment via PDF invoice
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